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All 3 scans listed below will be completed for this package along with the broadcasting of the specific frequencies needed for you, based off of your scan results. 

Note: Because this scan includes the Inner Voice scan, pets are not included in this package. Please refer to the Complete Pet Session if this is your interest.


Your AO scan reading and recommendation for supporting frequencies to broadcast, will be communicated with you via video recording sent to your email. You are also more than welcome to provide specific frequency requests in regards to what you would like 'remedied' in your experience. The frequencies will be broacast for you remotely, and depending on your scan results, we will determine together how many times that broadcast is needed for you. 


Full AO Scan Remedy package includes:


Inner Voice Scan (humans only)- This program analyzes over 2,000 frequencies across 12 notes in a 10-second recording of your voice, and instantly generates a report with four Balancing Harmonics music files. Each file contains frequencies, tones, and binaural beats that are personalized to your emotional state at that moment.


Comprehensive Scan (humans)- This program provides a comprehensive look at how the imbalances in the Inner-Voice and Vitals Scans may be aaffecting the body’s anatomy. It also includes multiple options for custom scanning and optimizing areas of interest or need. Detailed reports are generated identifying ranges before and after optimization.


Vitals Scan (humans and pets)- The Vitals Scan provides an educational snapshot of the energetic state of your blood biology in less than four minutes. The scan compares your body's frequencies to a blueprint frequency database, after which optimizing frequencies are sent to the areas identified as "out of range" to guide the body back to homeostasis. A report is instantly generated showing the before/after and includes categories such as food sensitivities, hormones, mold, pathogens, allergens, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, heavy metals and much more.


AO Scan Technology:

The AO Scan Technology began as a $38,000 machine back in 2008, and it is now a hand-held body scanner, bio feedback device, frequency generator, and anaffordable educational tool. With the various scan programs, it identifies energetic imbalances in the body by comparing them to blueprint frequencies that have been identified as the optimal vibrations for every human and pet. The device then generates balancing frequencies to help guide the body to homeostasis and you don't even have to be near the device in order to do a scan. 

Full AO Scan + Remedy

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