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"I had the pleasure of working with a beautiful gifted intuit whom I met at a conferance some time ago. She is not only very smart but very indepth when she worked on me. I had asked her multiple times for her expertise and help. As we worked together for an issue I had about my stomach pains that would come and go. There was a cramping that was just unbearable in my solar plexus area and she immediately dove into my body and helped my body release this aweful pain. I have asked for her assistance with my daughter who had diarrhea at one point and she dove into her body cleared up parasites and the virus and my daughter was good to go within 24 hours. I love tara's work. She is very good at what she does and I recommend her to anyone that is looking for an amazing medical intuit. With her knowledge of medicine, her beautiful heart and her intuitive expertise I feel Tara is the real deal if you want immediate results". 

Dipal Shah- Medical Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner, Quantum Body Awakening- Http://

"Tara selflessly carries so much light and love - especially in her heart - in all she does, that just by being in touch with her I felt calmer, happier and much more hopeful that wonderful changes will happen.  Her seemly direct connection with God is more than apparent and her ability to flow healing light, love and transformation is miraculous. One of the quickest most profound healings was for a knee injury (that has been damaged a number of times in the past few years). It had recently become painful again, locking up, a bit of swelling and made it difficult to keep active which was very concerning for me. When Tara asked me how I wanted help and I immediately told her, please see what you can do for my knee, I am too young to be nursing these knee weaknesses and pain. In this instance, Tara worked on me remotely in the early afternoon and asked that I let her know what I noticed the next day. By late afternoon and evening I noticed that I had significantly fuller range of motion without pain. By morning, there was no swelling, sensitivity, pain or discomfort in the knee, and I could fully kneel all the way down again which I haven't done in months. I also didn't feel the need to be gentle or cautious with it anymore. Since Tara worked on me a few weeks ago I feel very sure and grateful that all associated with this knee discomfort/damage is resolved. Interestingly, as well, my pathway and direction forward has been brighter, clearer and more positive than ever. I can't thank her enough for her profound love and service. Thank you Tara!"

-Susan Flerchinger- Medical Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer-

Deep, Powerful, and Healing

"I had a wonderful session with Tara Renee yesterday. It was deep, powerful and healing. Her energy is so nurturing and loving. I could feel the shifts as she was working on me. She’s very thorough and insightful. She also followed up after the session to see how I was doing. I would definitely recommend her work."

-Isabelle-November 20, 2017


Felt the Strongest Energy of all energy healers

"I really enjoyed working with Tara. She’s very easy to talk to and has a soothing, pleasant voice. When she first started talking, my head started to tingle and it tingled the entire session. I’ve worked with a lot of healers and I can say that with her healing I felt the strongest energy. I could feel pressure (not uncomfortable at all) and tingles on the parts she was working on. She was able to work on multiple issues and could discern which ones were emotional, physical, spiritual or a combination. I ground myself twice a day but when Tara grounded me, the connection was amazing. Her way of getting to the core wound to heal forever was very exciting. Her knowledge, expertise and integrity will bring me back for more sessions with her. I highly recommend her"

-Cheryll-November 20, 2017

"I’ve had time to notice results from Tara’s very intuitive and intriguing observations and healing. I’ve been uplifted emotionally, and I’m sleeping better — a true gift. I highly recommend her." 

-Lynne-November 25, 2017 

"My session with Tara Renee was key to a huge change in my life. She addressed multiple issues and picked up on related aspects, using various methods as required. She detected and cleared a small but intense energy system which undermined my well being since early childhood and was foundational to various self sabotaging attitudes. Since the session, I am more proactive, and experience all my self help activities more powerfully. My resistance to change is dissipating, and I’m progressing beyond stuck places in all aspects of my life. I absolutely recommend Tara Renee’s work. Thank you."

-Barbara Machenzie-December 30, 2017

A gentle, powerful and nurturing healer! 

"Wow, wow, and wow! What a gentle, powerful, yet nurturing healer! Thanks so much for the session. It was amazing. I love your energy and how you made me feel so comfortable. I feel like a weight has been lifted as if there was a type of fog that was hidden that was removed from my energy field. I feel more free and happy and joy. The day before the session, I had some unusual cramping and spotting after I thought my menstrual cycle was finished, however, after the session, that cleared up. I can tell my body is adjusting itself. I cant wait to see what else unfolds. I would highly recommend a session with Tara Renee, her knowledge of the body is amazing and the way she dove into the body and uncovered aspects of my autoimmune disease and got to the core was magical. In addition to autoimmune, she was able to work on other parts of my body as well during the session. I found her healing to go very deep and get to the core of issues which I feel is awesome! I loved the added support that she offered by checking up on me to see how I was doing. I highly recommend her."

-Deanna-December 30, 2017



Big Burst of Energy – Very Heart Centered 

"I just had my session with Tara today and it was more than I actually expected! It wasn’t just a reading it was also a healing session. I felt that Tara was right on about all of her information in fact I was seeing a lot of the same things that she was seeing.
I was very relaxed during the session and I felt lots of tingling and energy running through out. After the session I got a big burst of energy and I went around the house cleaning like crazy! You can tell that Tara is a very heart centered being in that she really cares about other people. I love the session and I would love to know more and have a Nother session from her in the future! Five stars*****great job Tara!"

-Rene Daniels-Febuary 21, 2018

"I cannot recommend Tara highly enough.......Love, warmth, empathy and compassion radiate from her, and she is an amazing healer, a beautiful spirit, and one of the most gifted and kindest people, that I have ever been blessed to know. I have received healing from Tara, regarding digestive issues including reflux, which was quite severe, however, these are now resolved. In addition, I have also received wonderful support from Tara, during a stressful time recently when my daughter was unwell and very anxious and I felt overwhelmed. Tara correctly diagnosed the issue and gave so much support to me and healing to my daughter. I have had contact with several different healers over the years through various different programs, but Tara has qualities that have surpassed the others, not least her healing abiities and the fact that she genuinely cares about you personally, which is evident from the moment of first contact with her."

-Paula H.

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