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I am here to help you bridge into a level of consciousness that is outside of your looping cycles. But I am not here to tell you I can fix you, heal you and everything that has been a problem for you in your life or save you from yourself...only YOU can do that.

What I CAN do is teach you how to explore new ways to access, to utilize, to create, to recode, and to plug into a new reality with the power of your that you don't have to rely on a "healer" you can become your own "healer"!!

My passion is to lead you to towards breaking your conscious reflection of reality and projecting the reality you actually want instead of trying to attract it to you!!! You are the Creator and Creation itself! 

This work I teach has come from a lifetime of the experience of struggle, depression, self destruction and failure...this ultimately lead me to the Key to open the door into the intelligence of Source. We are Source, and the most advanced technology that has ever existed. Source technology exists inside of us...we just need the keys and awareness to access it.

My mission is to help you build a new structure from the glorious creation that you already are. You do not need to be fixed, to be already are and already hold everything needed in order to be whole, to be complete. We really are the most advanced technology you will ever find, and I can teach you how to access that technology, through consciousness. 

Tara Renee' S. 

Details About Services...


Keys of Consciousness Recode

This program is currently in the process of being created. It will be a 9 week Keys of Consciousness Recode where we go through each of the 9 Keys of Consciousness to recode your experience, your reality. Each week you will have access to a new recode session and you will have homework to go along with the recode. 

This course will compile massive amounts of education, sparks of awakening, consciousness recoding, and entrainment that gets you to where you can actually move beyond your current experience. 

This will be the basics of the Keys of Consciousness offerings...the groundwork to build from.


Perfect Pet Session

If you know me at all, you know I am an absolute animal lover! This service I offer for your pet includes:

  • AO scan of your pet + Follow up AO scan at 1, 2 & 3 weeks to show progress

  • Medical intuitive scan

  • Qigong Activation

  • Spinal + Full Body Work

  • Source Technology Activation

  • Healing Scaffolding Activation

  • Email Info and Video recording of session

  • Animal Awareness and communication as it comes through

Whatever your pet needs, we can work with!

3D Scans

AO Scan

The AO Scan is a unique service provided in that the AO Scanning device can be thousands of miles away from you and provide accurate results!

 This service that I offer gives you an extensive body scan via your voice and we can also scan your pet!

 The information provided is very extensive and is emailed to you upon completion. 

The device works off of frequencies...finding the exact frequencies in your body that are 'out of tune' so to speak. 

Many clients will do a AO scan every month to see healing progress in their body after surgeries, hospital stays, energy healing, Chinese medicine herbal treatments, Etc.

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