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The AO Scan Technology began as a $38,000 machine back in 2008, and it is now a hand-held body scanner, bio feedback device, frequency generator, and anaffordable educational tool. With six scan programs, it identifies energetic imbalances in the body by comparing them to blueprint frequencies that have been identified as the optimal vibrations for every human and pet. The device then generates balancing frequencies to help guide the body to homeostasis and you don't even have to be near the device in order to do a scan. 


For this free introductory AO Scan you will receive:


Vitals Scan (humans and/or pets)- The Vitals Scan provides an educational snapshot of the energetic state of your blood biology in less than four minutes. The scan compares your body's frequencies to a blueprint frequency database, after which optimizing frequencies are sent to the areas identified as "out of range" to guide the body back to homeostasis. A report is instantly generated showing the before/after and includes categories such as food sensitivities, hormones, mold, pathogens, allergens, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, heavy metals and much more.


Note: Once you submit this you will recieve an email with instructions. This offer is one time use only.

Introductory AO Scan

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