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The Qi Alignment Mp3 is energetically multi-layerd and designed for animals and humans using energy medicine through your own Source Technology that is within your DNA, paired with your Qi. Each and every bone, organ, and system will be aligned and placed in an energetic healing grid to maintain the alignment entrainment, thus entraining the fascia and the muscles to stay within the new alignement. 


The Qi Alignment also works to pull out any energies that are not yours and that are not needed along with any energy blockages in the multidimensional anatomy and DNA template. 



-Spinal alignement for you or your pet

-Pain release

-Improved pet behavior (misalignements in your pet can cause this)

-Anxiety release for you and your pet

-Reconnection between consciousness and the physical body

-Energetic blockage removal

-Improved health and wellness

-Improved blood and lymph flow

-Qi activation

-Vagas nerve alignment and retuning


This Mp3 is made to be a generalized healing and is very helpful for you and your pets when you are not sure what is going on internally. If a more specific healing is needed for your pet, then booking a personalized session for your pet is key.


This Mp3 is very powerful so it is suggested you do not listen to this every day, start with once every three days. 


The Alignment of Qi Mp3

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