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If we know that the iTeraCare device can generate scalar energy that ultimately energizes our cells, balances body systems, and strengthens the body by producing natural healing energy that penetrates deep into the vital organs and bone marrow where stem cell growth can be achieved...then can we do this therapy from a distance? 


Every H20 molecule in your body holds a portal to every other H20 molecule in the universe! This is how remote iTeraCare healing can be accomplished. 


This remote session will combine the physicality and momentum of the terahertz through the iTerraCare deivce, with the Keys of Consciousness recode. This combination of power offers an incredible 30 minute remote session.


The focus of the session can be on anything physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and/or spiritual. Many physical issues have a combination of these that need to be focused on so this will be something you need to sit in awareness of before you commit. Once you do, you will absolutely be amazed at the transformations you will see!


Remote iTerraCare Treatment Session

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