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Sacred Rewiring Program

sale   $369

Sacred Rewiring Program is a 28 day program (~5 hours total time) for healing, alignment, and connection with your own ability to heal...that spark of healing life that is already within you and ready to be awakened!


The sacred rewiring program is a series of 9 video modules, each with a unique purpose to aid in your sacred rewiring and healing process. Each module is ~30 minutes long and involves writing an intention, breathing, listening, performing hand movements and then includes 2-6 days of integration time before going onto the next module. Your actual time commitment is roughly 5 hours over the 28 days. Your body will need time to process and integrate the work being done, hence we have provided a recommended integration period for healing.  After completing the program, you will easily be able to repeat individual modules to address new issues as needed.

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