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"I was introduced to this Awakened product called Zenith from a fellow medical intuitive and this is hands down the best weight reduction supplement I have ever come across!! From all the body's I have looked into and that have had weight issues, including my own body, they all screamed for help with leptin! Finally, a supplement made just for us!
From personal experience, this is such a game changer."

-Tara Renee'

 Jump-starting your journey into a Slim, Heathy Body!!

In an 8 Week University Conducted Double-Blind and Placebo-Controlled Study
Participants ....

RELEASED 21.3 lbs of fat

RELEASED 3.96 Inches off their Waist

Reduced Serum Leptin by 43%
100% of Weight Release was from FAT!

DR. CARI CATER who is Nationally Board Certified in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine had these results.  Her pictures below were taken ONE WEEK APART! 
She went from a size 18 to a size 12 in two months! Plus her thyroid and adrenals became balanced!


Zenith pic.jpeg

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Awakend is a movement designed and created to help you remember how incredibly powerful YOU are. Why is this important? Because once you can remember your immense power, you can help other people remember theirs...and the movement of awakening begins.

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