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Sacred Rewiring Practitioners


I honestly would not be where I am today if it weren't for a few amazing individuals that came into my life at the most divine time. So I have to give a shout out to those most precious practitioners that have guided me and offered their experience and knowledge to me, over the years. This page is dedicated to those that have changed my life in a most extraordary way. 


What is listed below has my full support and love and let's be honest...not everyone will feel called to the work that I provide, but perhaps the work of these other practitioners will call to you, and thats what matters the most!!! 

No matter what path each one of us takes, we are called to support one another, we are called to lift each other up!

Susan Flerchinger has been my mentor for over a decade now and I cannot say enough good things about her work. I have never in my life met someone so full of love, integrity, and passion for the work that she does! Simply meeting her will change your life, hence why I have to include her in the list of practitioners I would HIGHLY recommend!
Susan is above and beyond amaing!

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