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AO Scan Technology

"The AO Scan Technology is absolutely incredible. The frequencies present in the human and animal body is something that mainstream medicine has not yet tapped into and it offers levels of treatment that is based on the frequencies of each cell, nerve, or organ it is vibrating at. Whether you are a practitioner or a client, the AO Scan Technology can help you in ways that you never thought possible before!"

-Ali Robertson, AO Scan Practitioner

 Jump-start your optimized health and wellness journey with the AO Scan Technology!



My name is Tara Renee' and I have been a critical care nurse for more than 12 years working in the adult ICU and neonatal ICU. I have extensive knowledge of medicine, drugs, medical procedures, nutrition, chronic disease management, psychology, self healing, energy healing, Qi Gong, and as an AO Scan Practitioner and a certified Medical Intuitive, I want to partner with you to help you on your healing journey. 

With AO Scan Technology, it allows me to confirm what I am seeing inside of your body intuitively, provide optimizing frequencies from the software, develop a fully customized health plan with you, provide the energy healing needed, and be able to show you the results with technology that can now map the frequencies that are out of alignment in your physical body.

This is the next step in healing, in energy medicine! 


3 Month AO Technology RN Scan Package:

  • Monthly AO Scans: Vitals, Inner Voice, Comprehensive, and Body Systems

  • Optimized Frequencies with scans including harmonics to listen to

  • SEFI Broadcasting or SEFI dots 

  • Customized health approach that you choose: Energy Healing, Medical Intuition, Homeopathic Energetic Medicine, Qi Gong, Health/Medical Coaching, or the Keys of Consciousness approach

  • Dietary alchemy: Changes based off of what your body is asking for and can digest to give you optimal functioning

  • RN medical guidance with customized care plan

Get a free AO Technology Vitals Scan

If you feel immediately called to this technology coupled with medical support and guidance, you can purchase this package below...

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