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This is a 28 day program for healing, alignment, and connection with your own ability to heal...that spark of healing life that is already within you and ready to be awakened!

"Sacred Rewiring is a healing progression of rewiring the current state that you live within, to a sacred embodiment that allows for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing! This program is designed to take you from your current state of health, emotional trauma, mental anguish, etc. and recode your mind, body, DNA, spirit, emotions, and operating system, into a divine template! Creation from this point means that you can change all the parts of you that are ready to walk in light! 

This program is designed for all of the multilayered parts of you to be fully cleared so that your health and vitality can resurface and embrace you. We work in a progressive template that clears layer upon layer of dis-ease, wounding, and all un-truths you and your physical body have come to embody. We work only through God’s love and light and ask that all work be done for your highest and best good with ease and grace."

Tara Renee & Susan Flerchinger


What can Sacred Rewiring do for you?


-Assist in healing chronic and acute dis-ease

-Restore your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychic health 

-Rewire your DNA to embody health and vitality 

-Rewire your brain to be optimized fully in harmony and health

-Heal the root of your issues, the very point of its creation 

-Help regain vitality and support weight management 

-Release roots of depression, sadness, purposelessness, etc. 

-Aid in manifesting your desires 

-Heal your relationship with yourself and others 

-Clear programming that no longer serves you 

-Awaken your intuition, and facilitate your enlightenment 

-Clear stagnation and being stuck 

-Raise your vibration and frequency 

and much, much more…

What to Expect:

The sacred rewiring program is a series of 9 video modules, each with a unique purpose to aid in your sacred rewiring and healing process. Each module is ~30 minutes long and involves writing an intention, breathing, listening, performing hand movements and then includes 2-4 days of integration time before going onto the next module. Your actual time commitment is roughly 5 hours over the 28 days. Your body will need time to process and integrate the work being done, hence we have provided a recommended integration period for healing.  


Repeat individual modules to address new issues as needed. We expect that module 9, the Intentional Transformation, will be utilized over and over for the particular dis-harmonies you are dealing with. We recommend that you journal the intentions, as well as what you notice during the processing time, to bring awareness to the amazing shifts that will be occurring during the program. Even during the videos themselves you may notice physical sensations like feeling lighter, heaviness falling away, tingling or warm/cool sensations that are the effect of energy re-balancing and moving in and out of your body. There are no rules or limitations of what you might be aware of or experience.

Our desire for you is to be healthier and happier and to experience more fulfilling, loving and joyful connections with God (the Creator of All), yourself and others. We are honored to be a conduit of this pure love to aid in your life journey. We pray that you will enjoy the transformations that await ...

What are you waiting for?

Module Descriptions


Module 1:

Deals with Alignment and centering the hara dimension and the assemblage point …. bringing you back to your center, your zero point so that creation and healing can occur. We also bring you back to a divine foundation…where all other restructuring can occur…and where we reactivate the original/perfect/divine blueprint. We also work on specific genes in the physical body to allow proper detoxification and the decrease in inflammation to help facilitate all healing that will be built upon after this module.


Module 2:

Is where we clear the invisible energies of others that may be negatively impacting you. This includes entities, contracts, karma, cords, spiritual parasites, bacteria, viruses, pathogens and weapons causing DNA to be altered, dark hidden entities, fail safes, AI, dimensionals, emissaries, and even black goo……We clear all the low vibrational beings that have contracts and agreements with you that are currently affecting your life and have infiltrated your weakness…making those weaknesses your nightmare!!


Module 3:

We start the clearing process for core wounds and imprinted programs and we dig deep into your deepest woundings and the point of creation for your current problems and issues. Clearing the core belief that in this body, “you must die”…giving your physical body a new template to live!! We even clear core wounds from the DNA and we clear the “root of all disease” from your embodiment.


Module 4:

This is where we move into healing your soul, where we clear and heal the parts of the soul that are ready to be healed and restored back into the soul’s original perfection with you…and bringing you back to yourself. This also encompasses your ego and healing the wounded parts here. We ultimately connect you back to yourself in this module!


Module 5:

This is where we come to the chakra healing porton, we clear, rebalance and restructure everyone’s 7 chakras to 100% flow. We clear any unhealthy cords, distortions, stagnation and correct any tears, splits, leaks and discordances limiting the perfect alignment and ratios of each chakra spiral.


Module 6:

This module goes to the physical organs of the body and we restructure and repair each organ within your body. We recode and upgrade the body’s operating system/computer and we bring prana into each and every organ so that it can be fully self-sustained in its prana/aether.


Module 7:

This is where we come into the actual rewiring of the brain….we work with balancing the brains function along with its connection to the heart and with your consciousness. We work with the Broca area, frontal lateral pole, pre-frontal cortex, anterior nucleus, anterior cingulate, thalamus, corpus callosum, limbic brain, supramarginal gyrus, amygdala, hypothalamus, pituitary, and the parietal, temporal and frontal lobes. We even work with neurotransmitter activation and production, bringing harmonious function in the physical body.


Module 8:

We now come to the rewiring of the DNA…..we open up your DNA to be recoded and healed. Clearing chronic illness and acute illness, accessing the genetic library for the entire body so that the proper blueprint can be restored into the DNA. We clear mitochondrial DNA ancestry core wounds and imprinted programs and we again touch on disease and its consciousness. We dismantle all viruses and pathogens within the DNA any issues originally causing DNA mutation. We recalibrate your DNA to hold higher frequencies of love and joy.


Module 9:

This final module is where we actively as a group participate in creating your intention. This means that whatever your original intent was at the start of the modules….once all of these aspects of you are cleared, we can now create your specific intent! This could be a healing intent, or it could be a financial intent…it doesn’t matter. All that matters is this module facilitates your creation WITH you!

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